Performance Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer Masterclasses, Performance classes, Orchestra Audition preparation classes to our students and open these to the community.
Performance class description:  
Students perform for each other and the hosting teacher. They receive and give feedback to one another. All aspects of the performance are approached: stage freight, stage presence, etiquette, interpretation and musicality. Thanks to this class, students get used to playing in public and become familiar with the process which results in a better enjoyment of public performance.
Masterclass description:  
Once per semester, a musical personality comes to the school and gives a masterclass. The masterclasses are open to the public, and feature either a pedagogue from a major music school, a local music personality, or even a performing soloist. The performing students receive feedback and advice on their performance from the guest teacher, bringing a vital perspective on their own playing.
Violin Masterclass with
Linda & David Cerone